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1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt

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1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt

1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt
1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt 1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt 1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt 1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt

큰 이미지 :  1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt 최고의 가격

제품 상세 정보:
원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: HUATAO
인증: ISO9001
모델 번호: Ht 피코파라드
결제 및 배송 조건:
최소 주문 수량: 20 킬로그램
가격: Price accept negotiation
포장 세부 사항: 나무상자 또는 폴리 백
배달 시간: 10-15 일
지불 조건: L/C (신용장), 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온, 머니그램
공급 능력: 달 당 10000 kg
상세 제품 설명
필터 디스크 지름: 3700-5200mm 두께: 3.8-4.6mm
팰트 중량: 1450-1850GSM 색: 백색
재료: 종합적 / 폴리에스테르 생성 과정: 바늘
위치를 사용하십시오: PM의 기자란 애플리케이션: 제조 공장, 제지 공장
하이 라이트:

papermaking press felt


press felt for papermaking

1+1 Layer with Single Seam Type Seam Press Felt



Paper making felt, also called paper machine felt, mainly used on the paper machine to transfer and press extra water out from the wet paper sheet.


Felt show:


Products exported to the Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, uzbekistan and other countries.Our enterprises and products have established a good image in the international market. Sincerely hope we can pleasant cooperation!


Our service:


HUATAO GROUP has professional technical team for installation, commissioning, and related services, also has a very wholesome file system, contacts with the user regularly. HUATAO GROUP will try best to solve the problems from the customer.Within the quality guarantee, Greatland settle the problems on site.


Press Felt Type:

1+1 Layer Single Seam Papermaking Press Felt 0
The type of paper making felt
Felt series
Technical Parameter
Single Layer BOM Felt
Single Layer Forming BOM Felt
Paper machine
Cylinder, Super Forming, Fourdrinier, Inclined Wire Machine, Nip Wire Machine etc.
Felt GSM
Single Layer Press BOM Felt
Working speed
Felt GSM Tolerance
Air Permeability
Single Layer Top BOM Felt
Paper kind
≥8g/m2 all kinds of paper
Tensile Strength
Elongation Percentage
1.5 Layer BOM Pulp(Paper) Felt
Line pressure
Width Variation
Double Layer BOM Felt
Double Layer Forming BOM Felt
Paper machine
Multi-Cylinder, Super Forming, Fourdrinier, Superposition Wire, Nip Wire Paper Making Machine etc for different kinds of paper
Felt GSM
Felt GSM Tolerance
Double Layer Press BOM Felt
Working speed
Air Permeability
Double Layer BOM Special Composite Press Felt
Paper kind
≥8g/m2 all kinds of paper
Tensile Strength
Elongation Percentage
Double Layer Top BOM Felt
Line pressure
Width Variation
Triple Layer BOM Felt
Tri-layer BOM For Large Roll Felt
Paper machine
Medium/high working speed paper machine of Multi-cylinder, Fourdrinier, Superposition Wire, Vacuum Composite Press, Large Diameter
Roll Press, Shoe Press etc.
Felt GSM
Felt GSM Tolerance
Air Permeability
Tri-layer BOM For Shoe Press
Working speed
Tensile Strength
Paper kind
≥40g/m2 newsprint, write paper,high-grade board paper etc.
Elongation Percentage
Tri-layer BOM Hot Press
Line pressure
Width Variation


Product Pictures:


Seam felt press felt


Press felt paper making felt


Felt Application:


paper making felt can be divided into three types: wet press felt, pick up felt and dryer felt according to the uses. Paper making felt possess good air permeability, mark-less, heat resistance, wet resistance, anti-aging, structure stability, anti-worn out, dimensional stability, excellent tensile strength, high linear pressure, easy to operate, long life performance.


Felt Design Features:


According to paper machine and paper, we can change the structure of base mesh. It has the characters of anti-high pressure, good elasticity and filterability, stable size, small elongation, great strength, affective to eliminate grooving, vacuum mark, blind-hole mark and other marks. Suitable to vacuum press, kinds of complex press and other press for producing high grad offset paper, and kinds of high grade paper and paper board etc.


Felt Key Feature:


1. High anti-compaction capacity. 2. Extremely high elasticity and recoverability. 3. Strong drainability and larger void volumn. 4. Long holding time of wear resistance and plastic strength of felt. 5. Smooth felt surface and even pressure distribution.




1. Q: How to confirm the type?
A: There are many methods for us to confirm the type:
1). tell us the specifications data.
2).tell us your requirements as more as possible, and our engineers will give you the best suggestion and design the most suitable mesh/ wire/ fabrics/ screen/ belt.
3). send us the photos with size
4). send us a small piece sample.
2. Q: Waht is the payment terms?
A: We prefer T/T, but for some countries, we will also accept L/C.
So pls feel free about the payment.
3. Q: When will delivery the goods?
A: Usally, we will deliver the goods within 15 working days. And if the quantity is big, it will take about 20-30 working days.
4. Q: How long will the fabric be used?
A: The time is different differ the usage and factory. But we can confirm and make sure that our product can be used longer than any other one in China.
5. Q: Is the package strong enough for the long transportation?
A: Of course it is.
By sea, we will pack every piece into wooden/ polywood box.
By air, we will pack it by strong water-proof bag.


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